Welcome to the house of shugga

Indulge in our range of skin care products from Pink llama Soapery, created with passion and expertise for ultimate pampering.

Seldovian Handmade Goat Milk Soap, Skin Care & Bath Products

Just because it's pretty doesn't mean you can't use it!

Meet The Maker

Well hey y'all! My name is Rosie, the maker behind Pink Llama Soapery here at The House of Shugga Self Care Studio. It's nice to meet you!

My small business is on a mission to level up your self care routine. I want to add that extra love to your self care routine by providing you with beautiful goat milk soaps, skin care & bath products.

Beauty is different for everybody, so I would love to be the co-creator to help you see just how beautiful you are! When you look at yourself in the mirror, I want you to have that GLOW UP!

So I invite you to be beautiful inside and out. Reinvent your look by loving who you are. Enhance your image with amazing skin loving handmade products and rejuvenate your spirit!

And remember, just because it's pretty doesn't mean you can't use it!

<3 Rosie